Michał Daszkiewicz, Anna Dąbrowska

Michał Daszkiewicz

orcid.org/0000-0003-2463-393X: POLAND, University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Education. Ph.D. He specialises in the educational role of language: how students’ development rests on language beliefs, language activity, language (personal) experience and language matrices. Founder of the ERL framework comprising ERL Conferences, ERL Network, ERL Association, and ERL Journal. His key interests lie on the intersection of pedagogy, educational diagnostics and applied linguistics, and include predominantly the following concepts: learner and teacher language identity, language pedagogical paradigm, Composing Your Own Language, enhancement of everyday experience through language. His recent publications relate to the educational role of language skills, particularly speaking. Recently involved in international projects focused on oracy and its mutual relationship to interdisciplinary facets.

Email address: michal.daszkiewicz@ug.edu.pl

Anna Dąbrowska

orcid.org/0000-0002-5192-2684: POLAND, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Education. Ph.D. Her primary research interests are focused around literacy, as well as cultural and educational conditions for the acquisition and improvement of writing skills by children and young people. Her scientific interests also include issues of youth slang, communicative competence and linguistic worldview. Author of publications on language and education, e.g. Youth and Changes in the Culture of Literacy – Text-creating Competence of Teenagers in the Light of Research, Educational Role of Language and Polish Youth Slang, Youth Literacy in the Light of Polish Educational Diagnoses, Cultural Factors in Youth Literacy, Communicative Competence and Educational Paradoxes. Member of The International Association for the Educational Role of Language.

Email address: adabrowska@pedagog.uw.edu.pl

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