Changes in Student Achievement Assessment System in Selected European Countries - a Comparative Study (wersja papierowa)

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Sałaciński Lech
Seidel Andreas

Wydanie I, Kraków 2007, Format B5, Objętość 344 strony, Okładka miękka, klejona, folia matowa

ISBN: 978-83-7308-655-5

An international team of educationalists has undertaken the difficult task of exploring those neglected districts and researching the meander of various school assessment systems followed in order to draw more academic conclusions and reconsider the options available in terms of revitalizing the system or giving it a fresh start. The research was comparative by principle and resulted from a long term cooperation among universities in Germany, Poland, Russia, Belorussia, the Czech Republic and Hungary as well from a number of international seminars on changes in education which have taken place in result of the state reform in eastern and Central Europe as well subsequent stages of the school reform introduced in particular countries of the area.

The research carried out on a parallel basis in three countries: Germany, Poland and Russia is presented in particular chapters of this book. In order to make sure that research in really comparative in nature, research strategy, procedure and methodology were agreed in advance. The research focused on the following issues:

– what is the value of school assessment from the point of view of teachers, students and their parents?

– what are the major functions of assessment and to what extent its interpretation varies depending on school courses?

– what is assessed in particular courses?

– what are the expectations of particular subjects in terms of form, function and principles of assessment?

– what, according to the subjects researched, stands for or against school assessment and its function?

– to what extent students participate in self- and peer-assessment?

– what is the impact of school assessment on inter-personal relations in

schools as well as on students’ attitude to school and learning?

– what changes should be introduced in the school assessment system according

to the subjects researched?

The research material collected allowed particular contributors to carry out in-depth analyses and draft detailed reports. The aim of the reports was to offer answers to the following principle research questions put forward: how have school assessment systems changed in particular countries and to what extent the changes respond to the needs and expectations of principle research subjects i.e. students, teachers and parents in the process of education, but also to what degree changes in the assessment system follow transformations in pedagogical thinking as well as in academic theory.

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