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Migration and Education

Migration and Education

ISBN: 978-83-8095-610-0
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Podtytuł: To Understand Relations between Migration and Education – Challenges for Research and Practice


From the Editors

The volume MIGRATION AND EDUCATION is the first publication of the recently created Migrant Education and Integration Research Centre (CBEIM – in Polish: Centrum Badań nad Edukacją i Integracją Migrantów) at the Pedagogical University of Kraków. It appears at a time when the integration of migrants in Europe has become a crucial issue. The International Office for Migration defines migration as “the movement of a person or a group of persons, either across an international border, or within a State. It is a population movement, encompassing any kind of movement of people, whatever its length, composition and causes; it includes migration of refugees, displaced persons, economic migrants, and persons moving for other purposes, including family.” In this book we focus on migrant education because education is one of the most important determinants of an individual’s human capital and there is a strong relationship between migration and education. “Education enables people to supply skills that can be used in a variety of tasks. Migrants raise the supply of certain skills and hence the range of potential tasks associated with them, but natives can limit the effect of the increased competition brought by migrants by moving onto different tasks that are less easily supplied by immigrants” (Tani 2017). Migrants leave their country to find a more peaceful or just a better place to live. Migrants also move to gain an education and this also has a direct effect on education in the host country itself.

Any person’s integration in Europe is defined by his/her positively playing a set of social roles. The basic role is that of a working person, working successfully and according to the European labour legislation. This assures the dignity of work. To be integrated in Europe also means to successfully play the role of a citizen of a democratic country, one who is conscious of his/her rights and duties. [...]

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oprawa miękka

Pamuła-Behrens Małgorzata

Hennel-Brzozowska Agnieszka

Oficyna Wydawnicza "Impuls"


Pamuła-Behrens Małgorzata, Hennel-Brzozowska Agnieszka

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198 stron


I, 2019


B5 (160x235)

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From the Editors    

Part 1 – Migrants Integration Contexts

Guglielmo Chiodi

On Cultural Migration Flows 

Mara Clemente

Anti-trafficking Discourses, Migration Control and Representations of Trafficked Women: The Portuguese Case 

Antonella Marcucci De Vincenti

L’insertion des migrants dans et par le territoire. L’immigration comme revelateur de la dimension integrative des territoires en Italie 

Part 2 – Migrants Education and Its Contexts

Maria Alessia Montuori

Unaccompanied Asylum-seeking Children and Adolescents in Switzerland: an Introduction 

Agnieszka Świętek

The Romani versus Immigrants in Poland – Opportunities and Transfer of Good Practices  Lyudmyla Tymchuk Ensuring the Educational Rights of Internally Displaced Persons 

Agnieszka Hennel-Brzozowska

Migrant Children’s Relationship with Grandparents and the Consequences of Mother Tongue Loss 

Maria Immacolata

Macioti New Citizens, New Exigences: Has the Time Come to Teach History of Religions in Schools?

Part 3 – Learning Polish as Second/Foreign/Heritage Language

Przemysław E. Gębal

Determinants of a Sustainable Teacher Training Model for Teachers of Polish as Foreign or Second Language 

Katarzyna Grudzińska

The Need for Language for Specific Purposes for Foreign Students in Post-Gymnasium Schools – the Results of Empirical Research on the Specialist Vocabulary of Ukrainian Students 

Joanna Rokita-Jaśkow

Returning Migrant Children in the Polish School System: Challenges and Opportunities 

Agnieszka Jasińska

Developing Language and Communication Competences in Polish in the Process of Bringing Cultures Together 


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